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Online eGov Payment Processing

LoGO delivers flexible and secure online payment services that simplifies the transaction management process for local government and citizens without requiring investments in IT staff or infrastructure. eGov Payments increases adoption rates and customer service by streamlining and managing the transaction process between citizens and government personnel. Designed to work alongside existing front and back-end solutions, online eGov Payments provides a single user interface for processing and managing all of your online payment transactions. (more info...)

Over-the-Counter eGov Payment Processing

LoGO delivers you a Point of Sale solution specifically designed for state and local governments to process cash, credit card and check payments over the counter. Over-the-Counter enables you the convenience of accepting payments for goods and services sold at the counter, over the phone or by fax. Your staff may data enter the payment information onto a common checkout screen or you can choose to use a variety of credit card readers, PINPad and signature capture devices. Over-the-Counter gives you administrative control to set up your catalog, pricing structures, clerks and administrators. Add or delete from your catalog as often as needed. Set up discounts for multiples as well as tax exempt items or transactions. (more info...)

Self Funded Online Services

LoGO partners with government to improve service delivery for citizens and businesses by bringing services online. We launch many new services each year that streamline and simplify interaction between constituents and local government agencies. (more info...)