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Secure eGov Payment Processing

LoGO is recognized for its continued success in engineering powerful electronic payment processing solutions for Indiana local government. We deliver flexible and secure payment processing services that simplifies the transaction management process for local government and citizens without requiring investments in IT staff or infrastructure. Our electronic payment portal accept payments from all different channels utilized by government: Online, Over-the-Counter, IVR, Mobile and Subscriptions.

LoGO’s eGov Payment Processors enable your local government to offer secure and convenient payment processing services for all of your departments. We are your definitive source of information about financial transactions for all stakeholders, from your Controller’s Office to the department accountants to your customer service team. Our fully hosted enterprise approach will allow you to deliver payment solutions that are secure, reliable and flexible while adhering to industry-standard accounting and audit processes.

Payment processing through LoGO generates costs savings and reduces risk to your organization:
  • No upfront software/hardware costs
  • Provides real-time, comprehensive, user-driven financial reporting that can be exported into multiple formats
  • Compliance and best practices are recognized by the Payment Card Industries, PCI/DSS and other security standards, such as CyberTrust. Listed by VISA as a Validated Payment Application providing a secure mechanism for processing payments, refunds and reporting on customer data
  • Automates payment disbursements daily to your customer accounts
  • All transactions whether processed online or at the counter are processed with the same payment processor making it easier for reconciliation. Interfaces with other back end financial systems to manage revenues and automate reconciliation
  • Supports multiple payments types including all major credit cards, debit cards, eChecks/ACH, recurring payments and monthly invoicing
  • Exclusive service and support with dedicated LoGO Over-the-Counter partner support line and email address